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Recording and Music Production

Recording and Music Production

SBM Productions Music Production and Recording is led by Spencer Brooks. 

Since October 2017, Spencer has been working out of Silver Street Studios, in Reading. Specialising in Folk, Roots and Acoustic music productions.

Spencer's expertise, enthusiasm, and patient approach creates a relaxed atmosphere for the artist. It is essential to create the ideal recording environment so the artist can feel confident during the recording process, this ensures the best performance.


Building a relationship and having trust in the engineer is also essential for capturing the best performance from an artist. Spencer will make sure your music and direction of your production is fully understood before coming into the studio. 

Before booking any recording session you will be guided through all of the options, outlining what we can offer, and how to get the best results out of you, and what you're trying to achieve. You will enter the studio feeling confident, prepared, and have a clear idea of the process and what the final outcome will be. 

Click on the link for studio bookings and to find out more about Spencer and Silver Street Studios. Or go to the contact page to email Spencer to discuss projects or ask him any questions about the recording process or anything music!

Hit the icon to hear a playlist of some of Spencer's productions, but if there's a more specific instrument or style of music you'd like to hear that Spencer has produced then please contact for more examples of his work. 

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